Kids Meditation & Crafts Video

Kids experience many frustrations and problems everyday. They need tools to help them gain experience of inner peace and maintain peaceful minds.

For this reason, Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado now offers a kids meditation and crafts program simultaneously with our monthly mini retreats in Evergreen. The topic of the kids program corresponds with the adults mini retreat. While the adults are receiving teachings and meditating on topics such as love, for example, the kids also receive an age appropriate class on love with meditation, crafts and activities that they enjoy. The kids also get that much needed time on the playground.

This program greatly benefits kids by giving them a fun presentation of meditation and Buddhism in order to grow and nurture wisdom and compassion in their hearts which will benefit them throughout their lives.

Of course, the parents also greatly benefit from the opportunity to take a break, unwind and immerse themselves in meditation.

After the retreats, there is plenty of time left in the day to enjoy the wilderness and wildlife in and around the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado.


Justin Oliver

Kadampa Buddhist meditation practitioner and volunteer for the Evergreen branch of KMC Colorado.


  1. Is this appropriate for 11 year old

    • Justin Oliver Says: January 3, 2019 at 4:12 am

      Dear Maurita, Yes. They can definitely come to either the kids class. They would also be welcome to attend the retreat for adults if they preferred.

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